Henrique Oswald

Henrique Oswald (April 14, 1852 – June 9, 1931) was a Brazilian pianist, composer, performer and diplomat, son of the Swiss Jean Jacques Oschwald (who, when he became Brazilian, changed his surname to Oswald) and Charlotte Cantagalli, of Italian origin.

He was director of the National Music Institute, now the School of Music of UFRJ, having been appointed on 25 May 1903 for such a position, replacing maestro Alberto Nepomuceno. Its management extended until the year 1906, dated October 22, when Alberto was returned to direct the institution. After serving as director, he returned to his position as piano teacher of the same institution, acting until at least the year 1923.

He is the patron of the number 25 chair of the Brazilian Academy of Music. (Wikipedia)


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